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Sensitive, Compelling, Soulful

Trisha Rose

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Stories continually inspire me to learn and grow and I believe we can learn to live well as a result. I want to communicate in a way that immerses the listener in an atmospheric experience, prompting emotional reaction. My sensitive, intuitive personality aids me in creating living, breathing characters.  My love of learning serves me well in research and in being well-read in a variety of genres and topics. I particularly enjoy performing drama, the classics and children's genres. I am open to new opportunities to use my voice to help and serve others!

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Character Work


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Audiobook Demos

Inspirational Non-Fiction; 1st Person

Intimately narrated inspirational non-fiction piece; 1st person.  My own faith helps the narration come across authentically, making me a good fit in this genre.

Nonfiction Inspirational 1st person sampleTrisha Rose

Historical Fiction Romance; 3rd person; M/F dialogue

One of my favorite genres is the historically-based fiction novel.  This is a romantic, dramatic scene featuring M/F characters.

Historical Fiction Romance sampleTrisha Rose

Children's fiction; Young-Elderly characters; 3rd person

Dialogue in contrasting children's and elderly voices.

Children's fiction sampleTrisha Rose

Classic Fiction; M/F dialogue; British RP accent

This humorous scene features a male and female conversation, in the British RP accent and showcases my comedic timing.

Classic Fiction; British RP sampleTrisha Rose

Contemporary Fiction; M/F dialogue; 1st person

This sarcastically witty scene with heart features inner and outer dialogue in 1st person narration.

Contemporary Fiction 1st person sampleTrisha Rose

Past Work

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Townline Hatchery

During the start of Covid our business needed a way to reach families in the home and provide comfort. Trisha was able to exceed our expectations and make a collection of short stories written for our audience come alive! Her voice provided comfort and fun to the thousands of families that listened.

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Sarah Bacaller

Codirector & Producer @ Voices of Today

Voices of Today is delighted to have Trisha Rose as an associate. Her vocal delivery is nuanced, emotive and skilled. She has recently played starring roles in a number of Voices of Today full cast audiobook productions, including as Rilla Blythe (Rilla of Ingleside by L. M. Montgomery) and Heidi (Heidi by Johanna Spyri). We look forward to more from this wonderful narrator!

Opera Snapshot_2021-11-10_153301_www.voicetoremember.com.png

Susan Iannucci

Voice Actress @ Voice to Remember

Trisha always comes through. She is a consummate performer and I have cast her many times in various full cast audiobook productions. In every role, she has excelled.


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